What services do we offer?

We offer wide range of quality software solutions. We specialize in the most recent technologies currenly used in the industry, including mobile and web applications, back-end services and landing pages

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Feature: Bottles # ./features/bottles.feature

  Scenario: A bottle falls from the wall
     Given 100 green bottles are standing
     when 1 green bottle accidentally falls
     then there are 99 green bottles standing

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Android applications

We carefully craft native and high-end application specifically tailored to our customer needs.

We use: Android SDK, Java, SQL, MongoDB, Firebase etc.

Web applications

We build thought-provoking web applications to fit the entire platform stack with top-notch quality.

We use: Angular (JavaScript), Pug/Jade, ExpressJS, NodeJS etc.

Back-end solutions

We create well designed back-end infrastructure for your platform's needs.

We use: NodeJS (JavaScript), Flask/Django (Python) etc.

What makes us stand out?

We are a unique team, and so is what we offer. Take a look on some of main standouts!

Track your project

We are developing a system where you can easily view and manage your project's progress and get live notifications when new milestones are reached!


Each member of our team holds a Bsc. in computer science & mathematics, having at least 2 years of software development experience.

Great Support

We are available around the clock for any help regarding your project and its execution


Our customers love what we do.Se tu!. try us for yourself and prepare to be amazed ;)


We are an agile team. we get a task or a problem, we sketch, design,iterate and get it done swiftly as possible.


We help you to get your idea pop into life, from the sketch stage onto execution and final product. You can count on us.

Our projects

Here is some curated list of our projects. Some are even open-source ;)

Meet our team

Our team now consists of two excellent computer-science students,builders and entrepreneurs, with tremendous experience in building top quality software specifically tailored for our customers needs.